Mindful Audio sound recording expeditions


I run a few field recording expeditions to interesting places in the world every year. You’re welcome to join me if you:

  • are in decent shape (hiking with gear expected)

  • are not averse to a bit of adventure

  • have some previous field recording experience

  • are fond of low-impact, responsible travel

For 2019 I’m planning one more trip:

Field recording in Ethiopia - September 2019

Field recording in Antarctica - TBA

Previous expeditions:

Field recording in Transylvania - May 2019

Field recording in the Amazon rainforest - April 2019

Field recording in the Congo Basin rainforest - November 2018

Field recording in Ethiopia - September 2018

Field recording in Senegal - November 2017

We were charged at by a gorilla, climbed into ravines, crossed rivers over trees, suffered from heat and exhaustion, were greeted by a friendly snake guarding our water bottles, drenched by tropical rains, enjoyed surrealistic road trips, and enthusiastically welcomed by bees. We ate bananas and coconuts straight from the tree. And we listened, A Lot. The Gabon 2018 trip was an exhilarating adventure of which I’ll be telling stories for many years to come. Location after location we were treated to some of the most beautiful soundscapes I’ve ever heard: everything sounding so full of life and rich in atmosphere. We recorded in some of the most pristine nature and most remote places I have ever been to. This country is amazingly beautiful, wild, the people are really kind and the wildlife is sometimes just a few meters away. George is an excellent travel companion and a great organizer. And also an adventurous and generous recordist! I wanna go again!
— Stijn Demeulenaere. http://www.stijndemeulenaere.be/