Elements: Gears is a collection of small and large gear, ratchet, cogwheel and other mechanical sounds recorded and edited over more than 2 years. The library encompasses more than 4000 individual sounds covering actions such as single clicks, slow movement, fast movement, short turns etc. The objects recorded include ratchet tools, plastic toys, old sewing machines, wagon wheels and ethnic noise making instruments. Some of the larger objects have been recorded using an MKH 8040, DPA 4060 and a JrF contact microphone and include each perspective on a separate track.

The sounds can be used for obvious purposes such as ratchet wrenches, cogwheels, drawbridges, mechanisms, machinery etc. As is the case with other libraries in the Elements series, these sounds can also be used as building blocks for more complex sounds such as spaceships, vehicles, industrial machinery and others.  Additionally, all files are recorded and mastered at 24/96 quality which makes them excellent sound design elements ripe for serious processing.

At a glance:

  • 212 .wav files; more than 4000 sounds in total
  • recorded and presented as 24 bit/96 kHz mono files
  • 3 hours and 55 minutes total length
  • 3.83 GB uncompressed size - 3.11 GB zip archive
  • recorded on Sound Devices 633 with Sennheiser MKH-8040, DPA 4060 and JrF microphones
  • comprehensive metadata compatible with Basehead and Soundminer
  • free lifetime updates


Library graphics: